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I've never been so lost...

I've never felt so much at home.

6 December 1987
ac/dc, acting, adam brody, adnd, alec, alyssa milano, anakin skywalker, animorphs, aragorn, art, bedazzled, ben kweller, bend it like beckham, billy boyd, boys, brendan fraser, brian krause, britain, charmed, christianity, clothing, coffee, color guard, comic books, computers, daredevil, dark angel, dashboard confessional, dean, death cab for cutie, disney, dominic monaghan, drama, drawing, drew fuller, dungeons and dragons, elijah wood, er, ewan mcgregor, fanfiction, fantasy, faramir, fellowship of the ring, football, fountains of wayne, friends, gilmore girls, glencoe, god, gorillaz, green day, grind, hal sparks, han solo, harry potter, hidalgo, high school, hobbits, holly marie combs, hot guys, i love the 70s, i love the 80s, i love the 90s, indie music, j.r.r. tolkien, jack shepard, jake gyllenhaal, james franco, jared padaleki, jennifer garner, jensen ackles, jessica alba, john rhys meyers, johnny depp, key club, legolas, lord of the rings, lost, lostprophets, lotr, luke skywalker, magic, marvel, marvel comics, merry, michael ian black, middle earth, moulin rouge, movies, music, oliver, orlando bloom, ozma, pacsun, paul bettany, peregrin took, piper halliwell, pippin, pirates of the caribbean, power of three, queer as folk, rachel bilson, rangers, return of the king, rifleline, rivendell, rohan, role playing, rose mcgowan, rotk, rpg, rping, sailor moon, sam, sawyer, sep, seth cohen, shannon doherty, shopping, snow, spider-man, spiderman, spike spiegel, star wars, starbucks, strider, supernatural, switchfoot, sydney bristow, taking back sunday, the charmed ones, the dandy warhols, the green goblin, the oc, the one ring, the starting line, the two towers, tobey maguire, tolkien, treasure planet, vh1, viggo mortensen, weezer, winter guard, wizards, writing, x-men, yellowcard, yoda